Why hospitals use:
YewdaleMovatrack® 100 Curtain Divider Track

Used in hospitals and healthcare facilities the world over, YewdaleMovatrack® has transformed the way wards are divided up and maintained.

The YewdaleMovatrack® 100 is a curtain divider track that is designed specifically for hospital wards. This track is white powder-coated aluminium as standard and is mounted with wall-shoes with support from v-hangers fitted to the ceiling. It requires no expensive additional inserts and is made to last for a long time. It is virtually maintenance-free, robust and discreet – everything you could want from a curtain divider track on a busy hospital ward.

YewdaleMovatrack® is also able to address overall cleanliness and sanitation on the ward. As an optional extra, it can be intrinsically treated with an anti-microbial formula called Biosafe®, a formula that kills any infections or potential illnesses that land on it, rendering the area safe and protected.

The curtains that hang on YewdaleMovatrack® curtain dividers use roller wheeled runners, making it so easy to open and close, allowing anyone the ability to control privacy and dignity.

Moving away from patient safety and comfort, YewdaleMovatrack® makes life easier for staff and the installer.

Installation is a doddle, with its rigid profile that allows the track to stretch further between hangers, a maximum of three metres. It is HTM66 compliant, meeting the guidance supplied by a Health Technical Memoranda detailing the technical design and output specifications. Oh, and it only takes one person to install it.

For health care workers the benefits are clear. It is easy and quick to change curtains thanks to the curtain removal point. Our popular YewdaleMovagate® can be incorporated into the track to make manoeuvring hoists into place painless. The cubicles can be numbered, with dedicated cubicle numbering system components available.

If the need arises and the track needs to be suitable for anti-ligature environments, we offer the YewdaleKestrel® K100 curtain divider track, which has all the same properties but is fixed to the wall and ceiling by magnets. Any excessive weight will pull the track down, leaving the area safe from ligature points.

The reason so many hospitals use YewdaleMovatrack® 100 curtain divider track are numerous. However, the main reason behind YewdaleMovatrack® 100’s popularity is because it is so easy and inconspicuous. It is more than a simple curtain rail, it is specifically designed to assist staff on wards with its practicality whilst simultaneously blending into the background, requiring no attention from them, not even in terms of maintenance, freeing up precious time.

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