Late 2018 saw the launch of Yewdale’s roller blind assembly table, with one being exhibited at the British Blinds and Shutters Association Show (BBSA) and causing quite a stir. There was a great deal of interest around the table, with many agreeing that the slim-line nature and handy additions provide a real benefit to production teams manufacturing roller blinds.

One of the first to jump at the opportunity to bring in a Yewdale Roller Blind Assembly Table was Solo Manufacturing. Seeing the potential, Commercial Manager Andy Ward got in touch.

‘We’ve been manufacturing blinds since the year dot,’ says Andy, ‘but we decided we needed to bring our process into the 21st century.’

After an initial chat, Solo Manufacturing visited Yewdale to see the tables and production line in the flesh. Andy was impressed, noting how quickly a Yewdale production operative could make a blind using the table. With all of the tools located in convenient places on the table and key features built-in, Andy saw the possibilities to improve production right away.

‘We placed the order and Brian (Yewdale’s Business Development Manager) came to our factory to show us the ropes with the new table,’ said Andy.

Solo Manufacturing’s factory manager picked it up quickly and trained the factory staff, and they haven’t looked back since.

‘One of the most immediately noticeable benefits came with the accuracy and quality,’ Andy says. ‘Before, only one person in the team was able to do scalloped roller blinds. Now, the whole team are confident and comfortable with making scalloped blinds.’

Solo Man Table

Quality has always been high at Solo Manufacturing, but as we all know, the more human involvement in a process, the greater the likelihood a mistake will occur.

‘We used to have a stitched pocket and sometimes on those larger blinds the stitching can wander slightly whilst being hand machined by a team member,’ remembers Andy. ‘Now there’s no need for a stitched pocket and the overall standard of the product has improved.’

By using a purpose-built manufacturing table, there will be fewer returns from customers as the roller blind will be built to exact specifications with greater accuracy. As a result of this even higher level of quality, the improvements reverberate through the company.

‘The sales team are able to sell these blinds because they have pride and overall confidence in the product because feedback from customer has been positive,’ notes Andy.

For Andy and Solo Manufacturing it made perfect business sense to upgrade their assembly table to Yewdale’s model. To see how our roller blind assembly tables will help your business, get in touch with your Business Development Manager today by calling 01268 570900 or emailing [email protected]