We have supplied blinds and curtain tracks to offices and other workplaces for decades, helping to create a better working environment. The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of flexible workspaces where the layout can be changed to suit the needs of a business. Responding to this shift in workspace design, we created our new room divider track.

Why might an office need a room divider track?

Traditionally, a large office space would be separated using walls or frosted wall-to-floor glass windows. Both of these solutions are costly, and the installation is time-consuming.

An office environment may be disrupted by noise or even need to close during the installation, which negatively impacts the business. Partition walls and windows are also permanent, which may not suit a company’s ever-changing needs. Additionally, if an office space is rented, these permanent systems may not be permitted. 

How does a room divider track work?

Our room divider track is designed for large office spaces and other environments, including schools, where there is a need to separate an area to create smaller rooms. The divider track enables a workplace to hang a curtain which separates a space, creating meeting rooms, individual offices, staff rooms and quiet areas.

Yewdale room divider track

Our aluminium track can be suspended from the ceiling, making the installation simple and fast. Our premium divider track comes with a lifetime warranty and requires minimal maintenance, meaning the environment will not be disrupted.

Hanging opaque curtains provides privacy to occupants, and if enhanced privacy is needed, sound-absorbing curtains can be fitted to the track. If occupants decide to temporarily open up the space again, the curtain can be pulled back, providing flexible use of an area.

IMG 3663

Other benefits

We can manufacture the curtain track in any RAL colour, which is ideal for any companies that want to display their brand colours. Our self-lubricating roller runner hooks are held securely within the track and ensure the curtain glides smoothly without jamming. We are experts in creating curtain tracks and bending them to suit any layout, meaning we can transform any large space based on your specification.


Our new room divider track is a cost-effective way to divide a space without putting up walls or wall-to-floor glass windows. We manufacture our room divider track in our UK factory to your measurements. Please contact us for more information or to request a sample.