As standard, the YewdaleDefiant® Eden Blackout fabric has a colour-matching back, meaning it is the same colour both front and back. This is ideal for those colourful projects where vibrancy is key, however we also now offer a white back option across 10 of our most popular blackout fabric colours. Ash, Scarlet, White, Cream, Taupe, Slate, Marsh, Cool Blue, Oxford Blue and Onyx are all available with a white back.

Solar reflectance is a key benefit of having a white backed fabric. White is the best colour to reflect light, as opposed to black which absorbs heat. The white backing helps to reduce interior heat levels and ensures protection of furniture from damaging UV rays that may otherwise enter the room.


We have also found that this option is particularly popular for installations in University accommodation buildings, high rise offices and flats, where it’s important to maintain continuity on the exterior of the building but internally each room may require a different colour.

The inclusion of this white-backed range within the YewdaleDefiant® Eden range ensures ease of use when aiming for continuity across a project. Our customers can specify daylight, blackout and blackout white backed fabric all in the same colour with no obvious variation between the three throughout, except of course for the varying shading properties.

As a result, YewdaleDefiant® Eden is the industry’s go to fabric range, capable of performing perfectly in nearly any installation in a huge range of colours and features.

Speak with your Business Development Manager today to discover exactly how well YewdaleDefiant® Eden Blackout White Back can deliver on your project.