We’ve been working hard to create the best load release dispenser solution for mental health environments, and we’re excited to launch the K08 fixed mounting plate. It features a unique patent-pending design which we're excited to tell you about.

Our mounting plates are well-suited to residential mental health facilities where service users have their own private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. To ensure service users feel at home, accessories such as a toilet roll holder or soap dispenser can be attached to our mounting plates without creating ligature risks.

A unique patent-pending design

Our original dispenser solution, the K09 mounting plate, is attached to the wall by magnets and the accessory is fixed to the plate. Under an excess load, the mounting plate and accessory will fall from the wall, creating a fail-safe solution to prevent ligature.

Our recent product innovation sees the development of a redesigned anti-ligature mounting plate intended for use in high-risk settings where violence is a concern. We created the K08 fixed mounting plate after hearing feedback that in certain high-risk environments there is a need for a minimal number of items to come away from the wall and more to remain fixed.

The K08 mounting plate will be permanently fixed to the wall, and the load release accessory is attached to the plate by magnets. This means that under an excess load of 20kg or more, only the accessory attached by a magnet will fall away from the plate. With the mounting plate permanently fixed to the wall, the risk of injury is reduced because the plate won't add to the size and weight of the item removed.

Fixed Mounting Plate by Yewdale

Safe design

With a sleek design and curved edges, the K08 mounting plate will blend in almost seamlessly to any given environment and can be used to turn any accessory into anti-ligature status. The plate will be available in two sizes which is ideal for larger accessories such as paper towel holders and soap dispensers and comes with anti-tamper fixings and magnets.

Why pick Yewdale?

When it comes to safety in mental health environments, load release products in the YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature range are among the most rated in the world.

Using a magnetic system, we can turn roller blinds, towel rails, coat hooks, curtain tracks, en-suite doors and other simple accessories into load release anti-ligature systems. Equipping a room with these anti-ligature products ensures that service users and staff are always safe from harm.

For more information, please contact Grant to book a visit and to receive your sample at [email protected] or 01268 570900.