Shading that enhances wellbeing inside and presents uniformity outside

We are pleased to be expanding our ever so popular and stylish YewdaleDefiant® Roe screen fabric range to include a new white back option.

The new Roe white back fabric enhances wellbeing inside and presents greater uniformity outside. With a twill woven fabric structure with a warp of white yarn, the fabric comes as a choice of two openness percentages, allowing either 1% or 3% of light through so when the blinds are closed you can still benefit from the view outside whilst offering greater continuity on the exterior of the building.

There are three widths available, 2m, 2.5m and 3m, with the capability of covering greater sized windows. You can also choose from four sophisticated colours including beige, light grey, mid-grey and dark grey.


Roe News imagesImproves wellbeing inside and out

YewdaleDefiant® Roe screen fabric is the perfect choice of shading fabric to allow you to see the view outside, keeping the connection with nature, even if the blinds are shut. This fabric has proved particularly popular in commercial buildings, restaurants and communal areas in hotels and university halls of residence - also high-rise buildings and places with an aesthetic skyline/view.   

The addition of the white back, now means building design isn’t compromised by a patchwork effect of different coloured window blinds on the exterior.

Outstanding shading efficiency

The new Roe white back fabric comes as standard with Biosafe anti-microbial properties and has a wipe-clean surface for easy cleaning. The fabric is also GREENGUARD certified as a low emissions product suitable for indoor use and has key solar reflectance properties with high ultraviolet protection ranging between 97% and 99%. The efficiency varies depending on the colours but the white backing allows for increased efficiency for heat reflectance, helps to reduce interior heat levels and protects furniture from harmful UV rays. The fabric is fire retardant and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fabric selectors

Our fabric selectors have been updated to include the new Roe white back and include a new window design. You can now hold the fabric up to the light and clearly see the difference in the 1% and 3% percentages and appreciate how much light is transmitted through the fabric. 

Roe News images 2

Request a new fabric selector through your account manager by calling 01268 570900 or email [email protected] or download a digital copy here: 

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