What To Consider
When Installing Blinds In A School

We have spoken with a lot of installers about putting blinds into schools, with some even becoming Yewdale case studies. We have come into contact with a wealth of knowledge, so we’ve decided to share some of it in a handy quick-guide.

It’s very apparent that blinds in educational facilities require some thought – specifying the wrong blinds can have a detrimental effect on the children’s learning.

Schools are now more integrated with technology than ever before, lessons are conducted through interactive white boards and computers and tablets are key learning tools. This makes these environments similar to offices, where shading needs to remove the potential for glare whilst not removing all the light. Too much darkness can cause eye strain among students and it’s also difficult for them to see what they’re doing. So, screen fabrics such as Roe and Roach are commonly used and recommended.

Throughout a school there are different areas that have different uses, so no installer recommends one style of system throughout. A gymnasium, for example, can host the school’s PE lessons one day and key examinations the next, with high windows located near the ceiling. The requirements for this blind would be different to a classroom, where access to the blind is easier. Performing maintenance and cleaning on a blind so high up isn’t something many caretakers look forward to, so we recommend cassette systems operated either electrically or by crank. It is always a good idea to understand what each room will be used for, even if the building isn’t completed at the time of your visit.

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A common point that is agreed is that teachers appreciate having sole control over the blind. It can be a temptation for students to adjust the blind themselves, which can cause disruption. We recommend using a blind with mechanisms such as crank or electric, where the teacher can take ownership of the operation of the blind. A small tip here: ensure the crank handle is stored in a secure place to discourage any would-be pranksters from hiding it and rendering the blind inoperable.

Child safety is obviously key, and the choice of blind mechanism can really help. If there is any hint of concern for a chain, opt for crank, spring or electric operating mechanisms.

Personalised, branded blinds are an exceptional way for schools to show off their colours. For reception areas or other places likely to be seen by the public, blinds printed with the school’s emblem would look very professional. Likewise, printed blinds can be used to capture the imagination of children with pictures of fun scenes and cartoons. You can read more about printed blinds here.

There are of course plenty of other minute considerations, ideas and suggestions for installing blinds in schools, so if you have a project on the horizon and you’d like to discuss it with someone, please get in touch with your business development manager – we’re always happy to help!

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