You’ll be pleased to hear that Yewdale has introduced a number of colours to the Thames dimout fabric range making it easier to mix and match colours with the Eden Blackout fabric.

This is ideal for customers who require a uniform colour across their shading project but require a combination of dimout and blackout fabrics to meet the requirements of the room and its environment.

Thames dimout fabric now includes 22 vibrant colours with 14 colours matching our most popular Eden Blackout range. With its distinguishable and stylish weave, Thames dimout fabric is a popular choice. It provides privacy but still allows a small amount of light to transmit through the fabric. It’s flame retardant and has bio-safe antibacterial properties.

ThamesNewColours imgs

Eden blackout is a stylish fabric with a colour matching acrylic foam coated backing which provides superior blackout properties. With 30 colours to choose from, it’s fire retardant, odourless and colourfast.

New wider widths available

In addition, popular colours from the Thames fabric range and the Eden blackout range now have wider fabric widths. With a choice of 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm widths, customers who manufacture their own blinds can benefit from reduced joins in the fabric when producing larger blind systems.


The new wider widths are available now in Eden blackout fabric, with Thames new widths and colours being available from week commencing 15th March 2021.

Fabric selectors

Download a new Thames and Eden blackout fabric selector here at or contact your account manager for more information. For ease, the new fabric selectors have a new icon making it easier to see at a glance the colours with wider widths.