The end plates for cassette blinds with side channels will now include a lug which helps to lock the headbox to the side channels. Available white or black and come ready to fit the 60, 90 and 120 headbox sizes.

Having the ability to firmly connect the headbox to the side channels provides many advantages for the installer.

Firstly, it ensures the blind is square with itself and that there is no misalignment with the headbox and side channels. This in itself is a straight forward way to prevent rippling and excessive strain on the fabric. The second way installers are assisted when they use the cassette end plates with lugs is when they come to fit overhead blinds on the YewdaleDefiant® SkyShelf.

Once the headbox shelf has been fitted to the recess the overhead blind frame needs to be lifted up into place. Without the lugs on the cassette end plates the blind would be difficult to manoeuvre in one piece.

As a result, we recommend all blinds with side channels use the cassette end plates with lugs. The cassette end plates without lugs are still available for installations that don’t require side channels, so be sure to specify when you come to order components.