The ability to adapt a shading system to suit the particular needs of an installation is a huge requirement for our customers. After all, it seems no two windows are the same, let alone what the space itself is being used for. The list of potential variables is endless, and so we’ve developed a modular, adaptable shading system that customers and end users love. We call it the YewdaleDefiant® Cassette range.

To explain what a cassette blind is, we must first take a look at our YewdaleDefiant® R20 roller blind. Again, this system can be adapted in a number of ways, particularly through changing the mechanism. Our cassette range encapsulates the R20 in a sleek and stylish headbox, with other parts added or taken away to create different systems in the range. It is on this principle that we began the cassette range, giving customers the way of enjoying the adaptability of the R20 whilst protecting the fabric.

As a result, our cassette systems can be operated by chain, spring, crank or electric, making them suited to wherever the customer may wish to install them.

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Cassette blinds are a great way to protect the fabric and to keep it clean. The headbox keeps the fabric dust-free when it is up and is particularly popular in schools and offices where a low maintenance blind is very desirable. Having the barrel hidden is again a popular trait of the cassette blind because it lends an air of modern sophistication – it almost looks as though the headbox is a part of the wall or ceiling.

The next feature that can be added to the cassette system is side channels, which keep the blind looking neat and uniformed. It also helps to prevent that clattering sound associated with a roller blind’s bottom bar caught in a breeze. Locked into the tracker side channels by the tracker bottom bar, the cassette system navigates swiftly around the issue and holds the fabric tight.

There is another added benefit of having side channels. Whilst these blinds aren’t what Yewdale would consider ‘blackout’ (we have another range entirely dedicated to that concept), having side tracker channels does block out a lot of light, making them especially efficient for face fix installations, especially when combined with blackout fabric.

Our cassette blinds are available as chain operated, spring, crank or electric, opening up doors of possibilities for our customers. The cassette headboxes themselves are also made to suit the size of the barrel, accommodating an array of drop options and fabric weights. The headboxes can take 32, 45, 53 or 70mm grooved aluminium barrels, allowing customers to specify for the biggest of installations.

Giving our customers even more choice, we launched our overhead cassette range in 2017. Since then we’ve seen this unique system installed domestically, in schools, reception areas and offices – it’s most certainly a system to suit all tastes!

Utilising a similar principle to our standard cassette blind range, our overhead cassette systems have headboxes and side channels. We use two headboxes – one at each end of the blind – with a pair of tensioned spring units in one headbox that maintain an even, steady draw when the blind is operated electrically or by a crank. What’s more, one overhead cassette blind can shade a window up to the maximum size of 3m x 3m.

Combine any of these variations with any one of our huge fabric range and you will find a cassette system that is perfect for the needs of the end user. By offering such diversity and changeability within our cassette blind range, Yewdale is showing commitment to providing our customers with the systems they need and want, not the systems they’re forced into using through lack of choice. By working with the industry, understanding the situations our blinds are used in and the demands on the installers, we are able to develop a range that not only solves the problem, but it also provides countless more benefits to the end user, such as low maintenance, tidiness and robustness.

If you’d like to see how our cassette blind range can help you and your business, please contact your Business Development Manager. Alternatively, get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you discover why our cassette systems are probably the most diverse systems on the market.