A strikingly modern building, Standard Life Investments’ new £75m development sits proudly on the corner of St Andrew Square in Edinburgh. It has offices nestled in amongst retail centres and restaurants, overlooking the park at St Andrew Square and the Melville Monument.

As with many modern builds, it is fronted with lots of glass, which looks amazing and delivers plenty of natural light to those within, but often requires robust shading solutions to protect people from the sun’s glare and heat. It is also important that the blinds look impressive, after all, it is the home of an investment company managing billions of pounds.

Perth based WorkSpace took on the task, with Project Manager Tim Taylor leading the way. Tim opted to use the YewdaleDefiant® R20 systems with side channels throughout, and the YewdaleDefiant® R20M with double bracket. This allowed them to install systems that had the option of both dimout screen fabric and blackout fabric, which can be easily switched between at the touch of a button.

Meanwhile, on the top floor, where management and the boardroom were located, WorkSpace had a special requirement for Yewdale. 

We went to lengths to supply special narrow side channels to be used with our zip system in Roe fabric,’ said Business Development Manager Greg, Yewdale’s point of contact with WorkSpace. ‘We also powder coated the aluminium side channels and bottom bar to match the design of the building.

Yewdale’s exceptional service didn’t stop there. On a busy building site, where many trades came together to get the project finished, knowing when your systems are arriving is very helpful – especially when every delivery had to be booked in. Fortunately, Yewdale has its own delivery drivers, dedicated to getting the systems to the client in time.

We were very pleased with Yewdale’s delivery of the systems,’ said Tim. ‘They delivered them with their own vans which really helped as parking in the city is tough at the best of times. Also, we were able to arrange delivery slots and the driver would arrive on time.

The Standard Life project was an exciting task to undertake, and it was great working alongside Tim to supply him with the exact systems he needed,’ said Greg. ‘We take pride in our service and products, but it is always a pleasure seeing the finished work of our clients.



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