Large, non-square windows can pose somewhat of a challenge when it comes to blinds, especially when the client has a set of specifications that complicate matters further.

The requirements for this Essex home would make finding a suitable blind far from easy. The blind would need to provide privacy, have a contemporary feel to it, be operated through remote control (despite there being no power supply in the area near the widow) and have the appearance of three blinds but all on a single barrel.

The YewdaleDefiant® C25 electric cassette blind rose to the challenge and fulfilled the client’s needs perfectly, much to the installer’s delight. The cassette was made to fit across the top of the widest part of the window. Three pieces of fabric hung from the 40mm barrel, yet the gap between them was minimal, looking neater and being more manageable than one single length of fabric.

What’s more, the cassette of the C25 is thin enough to be discreet during the day when the blind is not in use, fitting snuggly to the window frame. The bracket-less design means it is seamlessly incorporated into the window frame with no suggestion that it is a blind until it is operated.

It is controlled with a remote control, just as the client specified to the installer, as this makes operating the blinds easy. With no power in the immediate area, the blind is charged using a solar panel, supplied by Yewdale, to provide the power to work.

The client has reported that they use the blind frequently and the solar panel has always kept the battery full, proving that even on the greyest of English days these units will perform to specification.

This installation is a fine example of how there is always a Yewdale system that can be tailored to your client’s needs. Every blind we offer has a set of features that can be changed or added to suit because we know what works for one client may not work for another.

For example, cassette blinds can be hardwired, battery operated or solar powered, making them suited to even the toughest of locations. Some come with side channels, others come without. We have small barrels and large barrels, capable of bearing great weight. Each of these options means that the system you install is never a compromise for your client, it will always be the best blind for the situation.

Our Business Development Managers are experts and able to guide installers towards the best combinations to suit your client’s needs. Where there is a will there is a way, and Yewdale always finds a way.




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