Case Study | Image Blinds Solves Problem 

Image Blinds

Sometimes it’s experience that solves a problem. Other times it is the equipment that can save the day. In this case, it took both to combat the issue of fabric running off a blind.

Lee Thomas, from Image Blinds in Birmingham, has been a Yewdale customer since 2015, and has been in the blind industry for over 30 years.

Tasked with fitting 45 blinds in the offices of a leading energy supplier, Lee knew they had to be top quality. However, there was a problem. The windows the blinds were to go in were narrow and long – a headache of a window for most fitters.

It is a common problem for roller blinds in these kinds of windows; the fabric often ends up running off of the barrel, veering to one side or the other. This causes misaligned, creased blinds, diagonal bottom bars and an all-round bad looking job.

The reason this happens, as Lee explains, is that everyone operates a blind fast – no one pulls the chain gently to gradually raise the blind. So, with the speed of a rising blind and the rough motion of a chain being pulled down fast, air gets trapped between the fabric and the barrel. This lifts the fabric and pushes it to the edges and before you know it, the blind is ruined.

Other than putting an impractical and rather unsightly sign telling office staff to ‘please operate the blind gently’, the situation seemed quite futile.

But Lee had a plan.

Lee had figured out that to stop the fabric from running off of the blind he needed to slow the revolutions down. So, Lee chose the YewdaleDefiant® R40-53 due to the 1:4 geared sidewinder mechanism. This geared down mechanism slows the rate the blind rises, removing the risk of becoming trapped.

The R40 is also an ideal blind for offices. It is heavy-duty enough to handle rigorous use whilst being maintenance free. This blind operates with the quality one would expect to find in the offices of a large company like Lee’s client, providing a level of detail that many members of staff appreciate.

The result was perfectly even blinds within narrow windows. Lee’s 32 years of experience led him to finding the solution to a problem that had plagued fitters for years. Yewdale’s quality system was just right to play the supporting role.

‘Brian (Lee’s Business Development Manager) has excellent product knowledge and skill,’ says Lee when asked about working with Yewdale. ‘There a great range of products and plenty of helpful staff.’



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