We love to hear from all of our customers; your opinions, thoughts and ideas matter to us and we appreciate all feedback. It is quite a treat, however, to hear from relatively new customers, to get a steer from them on how we’re doing – the foundations laid in those early days help set the tone of a close relationship for years to come. First impressions say a lot.

When we heard from Glen at GS Blinds & Awnings, we jumped at the chance to find out more. What have they been using on their installations? How happy are they with the product? Can we do more? Fortunately, Glen was happy to have a chat.

GS Blinds & Awnings South West Ltd are a Bristol based fitter specialising in shading systems for schools, homes, offices, restaurants and more. Director Glen has more than 30 years’ experience, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about shading windows.

Most recently Glen and his son Lucca installed four YewdaleDefiant® R20 sidewinder roller blinds in a school. Patchway Community School in Bristol needed shade in a classroom. As with many classrooms today, this room had an electronic whiteboard which can be tough to see in direct sunlight. The school wanted a fabric that not only stopped the glare but was also easy to maintain.

GS Blinds

‘We chose YewdaleDefiant® Dart Beige fabric for the roller blinds because it was ideal for the situation,’ says Glen. ‘No glare from the sun and very easy to wipe down due to the layer of PVC on the material. We’ve had great feedback from the client.’

Glen and Lucca were able to remove the old blinds and install the four Yewdale blinds in an hour, which he attributes to the straightforward nature of the blinds and his years of experience.

‘It took no more than an hour to put up the new blinds,’ says Glen. ‘The Yewdale blinds were easy to install, but after 30 years of installing blinds, you get pretty quick at it!’

Glen also utilised the diversity of Yewdale’s range by installing some 15 metres of YewdaleVitesse® 7700w cord drawn curtain track in the school’s hall. Again, they had to remove the old curtain tracks and install the new ones, which will assist in shading the performances, assemblies and exams that take place in the hall.

Earlier in the year GS Blinds & Awnings was tasked with shading a cinema room in a client’s house. They knew that to achieve absolute blackout only one system would do – the YewdaleDefiant® C74.

‘The blackout blinds were perfect for the needs of the room, they worked brilliantly,’ Glen says.

The YewdaleDefiant® C74 is a complete blackout blind, which means every measure has been taken to prevent light from entering the room. Black powder-coated aluminium hardware, magnetic crank operation and pile-seal in the headbox and side channels mean that this system will provide the cinema room with the darkness and ambience needed. Needless to say, Glen was impressed, and he went on to film the short video below to demonstrate.

However, it isn’t just the systems that have helped Glen decide to work with Yewdale. It’s the experience and service that goes with it.

‘The delivery is great, the packaging is unbelievable – very secure, and the service is brilliant; I have no qualms,’ says Glen. ‘We’ve worked with other suppliers who can’t match the quality of the products, so I’m very happy.’

Get in touch with Yewdale today to see how we can help you find the perfect system for your project.