John T Janos of AdamsBlinds knows all about the benefits of quality. He has worked to build his business to become renowned for using premium made-to-measure blinds fitted immaculately, so it’s no wonder they’ve been Yewdale customers for four years. Another key element to John’s business is his ability to say it as it is, as we found out interviewing him for this case study.

‘You’re a bit pricey,’ says John as his opening sentence for the interview. ‘But it’s the quality that is worth it, and the customers love it.’

Indeed, Yewdale may have a reputation as a premium brand, but John also recognises the difference between blinds that surpass the customer’s expectations for many years to come and products that simply fulfil a task temporarily. An example of this is the recent installation of five YewdaleDefiant® C56T overhead blinds in a Central London office building by AdamsBlinds.

‘The customer approached us as they needed shading for the five large overhead windows in their office,’ explains John. As a result, John specified the YewdaleDefiant® C56T, the crank operated overhead blind.

Adam Blinds

To ensure there would be less of a need to open and close the blinds, John chose Screen Vision 5% fabric in pearl to maintain natural light levels but prevent glare and direct beams of light.

‘As it’s a crank operated blind it is easier for the customer to leave the blind with the fabric drawn  instead of winding them open and closed throughout the day, so we needed to make sure the fabric didn’t block out all of the light as it was quite a key feature in the office,’ said John.

Although there are other overhead blinds on the market, John chose the C56T from Yewdale because he had confidence in the product and the service he’d receive.

‘I have to make sure the blinds are good and we have to have confidence in the blind. The support from Yewdale is great, which is a main thing for me,’ said John. ‘When you have a team of fitters on site you need things to run like clockwork to get the blinds up on time without issues otherwise you can hold the whole project up.’

Although Yewdale recently launched the YewdaleDefiant® SkyShelf to assist the installation of overhead blinds in un-square recesses, John purchased the blinds for his project before the SkyShelf was released. He found that one of the recesses was in fact not square and had to work hard to install the blind without causing it excess tension or stress, which is no easy feat. A testament to the skill and knowledge of John and his team’s abilities, they succeeded, although John has some advice for any installers faced with an overhead blind installation in a recess.

‘Make sure the blind is square in a recess,’ advises John. ‘Even if it looks fine, check it, or use a SkyShelf to save you the struggle!’

The project ended and the customer was very pleased with the results, the overhead blinds were an effective and stylish addition to the office and the staff were saved from excessive glare. John and his team were also happy, with another project under their belt and a greater affirmation of the service they can expect to receive from Yewdale.

‘We’ve worked with Yewdale for years now, and the support you receive from day one is second to none,’ says John. ‘Even if you’re a small company, you’re still treated properly and helped to grow with Yewdale.’

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