The e-commerce blind market is big business, with a whole multitude of companies wading in for a piece of the action. From huge home furnishing retailers to dedicated window blind companies, it takes something special for any newcomers to stand apart from the rest. Fortunately, after turning to Yewdale to supply some of their key products, DotcomBlinds saw an immediate benefit, some perhaps not as obvious as others.

Providing members of the public with the ability to purchase and fit blinds themselves is no small feat, and in a world where reviews can make or break a business, speed and quality are essential. With this in mind, an online blind retailer needs a supplier they can rely on.

DotcomBlinds is an online retailer who sells made to measure roller blinds, vertical blinds, metal venetian blinds and more. They got in touch with Yewdale to become their supplier.

‘With some other suppliers things just weren’t dependable enough for us to confidently stand behind the product and sell it to our customers,’ explains Richard, DotcomBlind’s manager. ‘You never truly knew if there’d be problems with the product when it reached the customer and how long it would take to get the issue rectified, and it was just a headache!’

Yewdale took over manufacturing for DotcomBlinds’ roller blinds, vertical blinds and metal venetian blinds. The benefits were immediate.

‘Our lead time for these products went down to 3-5 working days with a next day despatch option available too,’ says Richard.

This meant DotcomBlinds gained an easy advantage over their competitors, many of whom have lead times of two or more weeks. Yet, it wasn’t just the turnaround time that put a smile on DotcomBlinds’ faces.

‘The quality of the products is second to none,’ Richard enthuses. ‘There is never any doubt in the product lasting when it arrives with the customer; from the barrel to the bottom bar, the whole blind is bombproof!’

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‘We’ve even seen damages from couriers decrease since using Yewdale thanks to the great packaging. Couriers are notoriously heavy-handed with all parcels in their system but they really have to go some to damage the blinds sent by Yewdale.’

An added benefit of working with Yewdale was reflected during the first lockdown earlier in the year when the country, and many production lines, ground to a halt.

‘Thankfully Yewdale stayed open. We saw many suppliers simply shut up shop with no warning and leaving all our orders outstanding which was a headache. But with the products manufactured by Yewdale, the blinds continued to go out,’ says Richard who simply smiles and nods when asked if this helped maintain sales during the chaotic period.

This is due to Yewdale’s contribution to the healthcare services throughout the pandemic, which included cubicle tracks, face masks and hand sanitiser following the call to action from the Government.

‘The feedback we’ve had from customers on our blinds made by Yewdale is just phenomenal, and we see many customers return and recommend their family and friends as a result,’ says Richard. ‘I guess the simple answer is that its great working with a supplier who is on the same page as us.’