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YewdaleMovatrack® IV Tracks

In hospitals, cubicle tracks surround the bed on the ward. Yewdale supplies tracks that are perfect for this environment, in fact we recently published an article giving you plenty of information about how important it is for wards to utilise the space above beds to save space on the floor. But we’re not talking about the cubicle track today. We’re being more specific. We’re looking at a track that saves space cleverly and effectively, whilst administering IV treatment.

Intravenous therapy (IV) delivers liquid directly into the vein of a patient. You may know them as drips, but essentially the fluid enters the body from a bag, down a line and through the skin. Their functions are broad, covering fluid replacement, blood transfusions and the delivery of medicine. Commonly, IVs are held on a stand, usually with wheels, next to the patient.

The YewdaleMovatrack® IV track hangs the IV above the hospital bed. It uses its own track, made from rigid, high-grade aluminium that is mounted to the ceiling. The bag hangs on telescopic carrier trees that are available in four sizes, each capable of holding up to five bags.

Up top, the carrier tree is free to move along the track thanks to heavy-duty, self-locking, nylon-wheeled trolleys for dependable support. The carrier tree trolley automatically locks into position, preventing any chance of movement or slip.

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By being fitted to the ceiling (or suspended if the ceiling is more than 3m high), multiple tracks can be fitted, allowing for tracks serving the top and bottom of the bed. Tracks can stretch across all beds on one side of the ward, or across single beds, depending on the requirements.

There is also the option to hang infusion pumps, alongside a carrier tree. We also offer a pump carrier with power supply which can go up to the ceiling and across to the wall to a power source. Of course, the power supply cable is NHS specification. This removes cables from trailing across the floor whilst making infusion a simpler process.

The diverse nature of this track is what makes it so useful to healthcare staff. The fact that it helps to keep wards tidy and clear of clutter makes it easier to maintain good ward hygiene whilst delivering much needed assistance to those who need it.

Take a look at the YewdaleMovatrack® IV200 Heavy Duty Track and the YewdaleMovatrack® IV400 Medium Duty Track today.

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