We supply blinds to installers and don’t offer installation services ourselves, but we understand there are occasions when customers need a helping hand. Our Technical & Operations Support Manager, Mick, regularly visits customers’ sites to help complete complicated installations and provide training for products like our cutting tables and bending machines.

One of our customers had ordered 14 low voltage R20M roller blinds with Somfy motors and wanted to enable the end-user to operate the blinds with their phones. The roller blinds had been installed by our customer, but programming the electric roller blind needed to be completed, so our expert travelled to the installation site, which was in London.

Programming the electric roller blind

Upon arrival, the first task was to set up the limit stops on the electric blinds with an individual handset per room. Once the blinds were programmed, Mick set up the Somfy TaHoma system switch by the front door of the property. He then set up the TaHoma App on the end user’s phone and programmed the blinds to link to the app. Completing this setup enables the operation of the blinds using their phones. Mick ensured that the roller blinds could be controlled in three different ways:

  1. Via the handsets – group or individual control per room
  2. Via the TaHoma switch – all blinds open or close for the whole house
  3. Via the user’s mobile phone – group or individual control and home or away


Customer visits like this highlight our dedication to providing the best customer service possible. Programming the electric roller blind and setting the stop limits is a simple task and we are on hand to support you if you need it. We often hear Mick on the phone with customers, talking them through the steps to follow to complete a blind installation or successfully programme electric blinds.

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More details about the R20M electric roller blind

Our electric blinds are quiet and reliable, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The R20M is powered by a 24v DC low voltage motor which provides smooth operation of the blind. We also manufacture a battery-powered version of this blind which is charged by mains or a solar panel. Both of these electric blinds can be manufactured to a maximum width of 265cm and 335cm drop, with a maximum area of 4.8m2.

R20 electric roller blinds