With many businesses thinking about returning to work or partially reopening following Covid-19, keeping staff and customers safe is going to be a priority.  

In our recent webinar – Back to work whilst protecting staff – Yewdale Director Matthew Parsons questions Ian Hatherly, Operations Director at Southalls health and safety consultancy to find out what the blind industry needs to do to adapt to this new ‘normal world’.

Listen to a recording of the webinar to find out about:

•    If you need to change the layout of your offices and warehouse
•    How to protect staff and customers on site
•    How to stay compliant with the current regulations surrounding Covid-19.Bullet
•    Find out about an exclusive package for Yewdale customers



Please find useful links from the webinar:

Construction leadership council for information on working safely on construction sites

Southall’s exclusive offer for Yewdale customers plus an additional 10% discount

Yewdale’s workplace ready kit to support customers to get back up and running