Yewdale Motors And Accessories
Making Operating Blinds Easy

A real workhorse of the blind world, the motors used in Yewdale’s systems are built to last, giving years of unfaltering service within systems that house them.

Yewdale uses a range of motors in their systems, meaning there is a motorised blind to suit every environment. From the strong and fast mains-powered all-rounders to battery-powered, solar charging slow rise motors, there is a motor ready to transform the way people use a blind.

For a motor as distinctively coloured as Yewdale’s motors, they are discreetly concealed within the barrel of the blind. The battery-powered options mean that there is no need to hardwire the blind, and utilising the solar charger upgrade, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of power to operate your blind whenever you want.

On one single charge, the motor can be opened and closed every day for six months before you’d need to recharge the battery.

Many of Yewdale’s motors come with the ability to set limit stops. Between the highest and lowest limits, you can set the blind in four more places, making it easy to adjust the blind to suit the time of day.

If, for example, the sun hits the TV screen at three in the afternoon, a simple press of the button and the blind will shift into place providing your customer with the shade they need to relax.

For spaces that have many windows with many electric blinds, a big concern would be having individual remote controls for each blind, and getting the remote controls mixed up would prove to be a big problem.

Fortunately, it is possible to programme a single Yewdale remote control to control all of the blinds. With up to 16 channels, the blinds and their individual limit stops can be controlled from one remote control, giving effortless control to the individual.

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It is also possible to mount the remote control to the wall, allowing the blinds to be controlled in the same way one would operate a light switch. These switches also include the limit stops and can control up to two blinds per switch.

Barrel adapters conceal and safely secure the motors within the blind barrels. This holds the motor in place and ensures it is connected to the brackets properly whilst keeping it in the correct position to deliver the optimum performance.

Available to buy wholesale or with made-to-measure systems, Yewdale have made it easy for you to offer your customers the ability to operate their blinds with ease and comfort.

The eye-catching orange colour of a Yewdale motor is usually hidden within the barrel of the blind. However, whenever it is seen customers it serves as an indicator of superiority and robustness; of smooth operating blinds with quiet-functioning motors. It is a quality product that surpasses other blind motors on the market.

Yewdale’s motors are a cost-effective way of making your customer’s blinds an ultra-modern convenience. Contact Yewdale today to discuss how their motors and motor accessories can benefit your business’ portfolio. 

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