Summer is here, bringing hot weather, barbeques and pesky flies and other insects. Thankfully, insect screens are an effective solution that allows windows and doors to be opened on hot days.

Insects in the UK

Air conditioning systems are much less popular in the UK compared with our transatlantic cousins over in America. Opening windows and doors is the go-to cooling strategy for many buildings in the UK.

But, did you know that there are an estimated 27,000 species of insect in the UK? Insects are cold-blooded creatures, meaning when temperatures rise, their body temperature increases, making them more active.

Hot weather encourages insects to seek cool, moist places to lay eggs. In the hot weather, most fly eggs take less time to hatch, increasing the total number of insects attempting to enter through our windows and doors.

Insect screens are a legal requirement

The Food Safety Regulations state that in food preparation environments, windows and doors that can be opened to the outside environment must be fitted with insect-proof screens. The installation of insect-proof screens is a beneficial investment that goes beyond compliance.

Insect screens prevent insects from entering a room and crawling over work surfaces and food. Kitchens that do not have insect screens will be forced to throw away food that flies land on. Diners are also put at risk of receiving a meal with an unwanted addition, which could spell trouble for the respective restaurant.

Insect screens allow kitchens to ventilate the area without the risk of contamination, helping to keep staff cool. Ventilation is highly important due to the various ovens, grills, fryers and hobs producing heat.

Insect screens for commercial kitchens

Yewdale insect screens

Our insect screens are installed in food preparation areas and other buildings including offices and hotels. The simple fact is that flies are irritating when they enter a room, but hot weather demands that windows be opened. As a result, any building with windows can benefit from insect screens.

We manufacture four products within our range of insect screens.

  • F30 insect screen with sidewinder
  • F32 insect screen with slow rise spring
  • F40 single-door insect screen
  • F40D double-door insect screen

Each product is manufactured using hygienic white powder-coated aluminium extrusions and PVC-coated glass fibre mesh. The mesh is highly effective in stopping insects in their tracks. Additionally, the mesh is easy to clean, rot-proof and flame retardant.

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