We are delighted to announce that we now supply Perfect Fit® blinds. In this short blog, we explain how to install Perfect Fit® blinds and why you should buy Perfect Fit® blinds from Yewdale. But first, let’s explore why Perfect Fit® blinds are popular in domestic and commercial environments.

What are the benefits of Perfect Fit® blinds?

Unlike traditional blinds, the installation process for Perfect Fit® blinds involves no drilling or screws. This is why Perfect Fit® blinds are popular with homeowners and residents of rental properties where drilling is prohibited.

Perfect Fit® blinds are ideal for tilted windows and bifold doors because they attach directly to the window or door. This means that the blind moves with the window or door, whereas traditional blinds obstruct a tilting window or patio door when opened.

Yewdale Perfect Fit® blinds

We now manufacture four types of Perfect Fit® blinds:

  1. Perfect Fit® Roller Blinds
  2. Perfect Fit® Pleated Blinds
  3. Perfect Fit® Venetian Blinds
  4. Perfect Fit® Pleated Honeycomb Blinds

Perfect fit blinds by Yewdale

These blinds are completely child-safe because no loose cords hang from them. You can choose between a range of attractive frame colours and fabrics.

Why buy from Yewdale?

Perfect Fit® blinds are great for any type of window or glass door because they are the easiest shading system to install. All you need to do is provide us with the measurements and we will supply a Perfect Fit® blind that is guaranteed to fit.

If you order Perfect Fit® blinds from other manufacturers, they may not assemble the blind for you. This means the installer would have to spend some time putting the blind's frame together. We want to make the installation process as easy as possible, which is why we assemble the frames of Perfect Fit® blinds before we dispatch them, guaranteeing fast installation.

Our Perfect Fit® blinds are produced under short lead times in our UK factory. Perfect Fit roller blind by Yewdale

With over 35 years of experience, we are experts in producing made-to-measure blinds that you can count on. You can also count on our Customer Care team to help you every step of the way, from initial queries to after-sales support. We are passionate about helping our customers and are rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot as a result.

Delivered by our team

All Perfect Fit® orders are delivered by Yewdale Elite delivery vans. Our Elite delivery team are experts in packing our products and taking the utmost care to provide damage-free delivery. This enables us to use less packaging than we would if the blinds were delivered by a third-party courier. 

Using our Elite delivery vans enables us to provide next-day delivery and a personalised service. If you’re not covered by our Elite delivery vans, we will dispatch your Perfect Fit order unassembled with our trusted third-party courier.     

How to install Perfect Fit® blinds

Our Perfect Fit® blinds are supplied with right-angled metal brackets which connect the blind to the window. The first step is to push the metal brackets into the window or door seal. If you’re struggling to insert the bracket into the seal, adding a small amount of lubricant to the component will help you slot it into place.

On the back of the blind’s frame, you’ll see slots which are shaped to house the metal brackets. All you need to do is align the slots with the brackets and push the Perfect Fit® blind against them. You should feel the system click into place, securing the blind to the window or door.

Child safety

All our existing blinds are compliant with child-safety legislation, and our new Perfect Fit® blinds are no different. Since the fabric and tension cord are contained within the frame and operated by hand, nothing hangs down from the system. This design ensures that the Perfect Fit® blinds are child-safe and appropriate for use in schools, hospitals and other environments where children are likely to be.


We hope you have learned why Perfect Fit® blinds are popular and how to install Perfect Fit® blinds. If you’d like a free quote for a Perfect Fit® blind order, tell us your specifications here. We’re proud to provide same-day quotes for the majority of the requests we receive.