As a leading design and manufacturing company, we constantly look for ways to improve our commercial blinds. When we identify an issue, we work hard to resolve it as quickly as possible to mitigate any inconvenience.

We have recently updated the clutch, brackets and end plug compatible with our 53mm and 70mm barrels. The new end pin fits the full diameter of the barrel, ensuring the blind is secure.

New roller blind components

Our design team put their heads together and developed a new, heavier-duty end plug which features a spring-loaded pin that clicks into the bracket. The new pin helps simplify the installation process because it is easier to locate into the bracket. The new end plugs better fit the diameters of the two barrel sizes, keeping the blind securely in place and preventing movement.


We have also updated the bracket to accommodate the new pin, ensuring you can count on this updated system to hold the blind securely in place.

Primarily, this update affects the R40 premium roller blind system, R54 and R55 roller blinds, which accommodate 53mm and 70mm barrel diameters. However, some of the components in our ShadeBox system and cassette systems have changed accordingly, such as the C40 cassette which is available in 53mm and 70mm barrel sizes.

For our cassette blinds, we also designed an updated transition plate which is compatible with our new clutch and end plug. 

More details about the R40

The R40 premium roller blind features a 1:4 geared sidewinder mechanism which is perfect for heavy-duty operation. Following this system update, the R40-53 now comes a 53mm geared down clutch and 53mm end plug. The R40-70 comes with a 70mm geared down clutch and 70mm end plug.


We had to create a new bracket to accommodate the new end plugs. So, we now supply both sizes of R40 blind with the same updated white metal brackets, which feature plastic covering on the outside of the bracket.


Components for blinds

The R40 premium blind is available in made to measure and component form. The new components mentioned above are now available to order separately and will also be supplied with R40 made to measure roller blind orders.

R40 roller blind

All our components are engineered with great detail and care, ensuring they fit together to create a durable system. We offer next-day and even same-day delivery on components orders, helping blind installers and facilities managers quickly get a spare part or necessary replacement to fix a system.

If you’re a trade customer, you can use the online shop to order components, fabrics and complete systems. Alternatively, you can request a quote here.