The YewdaleMovatrack®
300 Telescopic Divider Rail

Not all health care environments need permanent bed bays, but when the need arises, it is always important to have a space ready. A telescopic divider rail gives the room a dual purpose, and once the rail goes up the area becomes a ready-to-go hospital bed bay.

The YewdaleMovatrack® 300 Telescopic Divider Rail is for hospitals that need to create a quick, private space for a temporary time. The extendable rail gives health care professionals the flexibility to create a space large enough to cover a hospital bed, or perhaps just a small block for a seated person, where the rail needn’t take up as much space.

Once extended to a maximum length of 2100mm, this curtain track allows small healthcare spaces to build cubicles when they need them, without the need for a permanent curtain track. Doctors surgeries, Accident and Emergency rooms and health care observation rooms use the telescopic divider rail, which is assembled and disassembled very easily.

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Made from strong, lightweight aluminium and with the curtain attached to the rail by large plastic loops, the rail also makes it easy to move patients between bed spaces, or if winches are in operation. They are also a very simple solution for shower rooms for people with mobility issues. Wheelchair users are able to enter the shower cubicle easily and close the curtain themselves.

The creation of this rail was borne of a thought process linked to the entire YewdaleMovatrack® brand. YewdaleMovatrack® aims to provide privacy solutions predominantly for health care environments, where the needs are far further reaching.

Privacy needs to be achieved, but the divider tracks need to be capable of more than just shielding people from view. It must be easy to maintain, easy to clean and adaptable enough to meet the changing demands of a medical environment. The YewdaleMovatrack® 300 Telescopic Divider Rail ticks the box on all fronts.

So, when it comes to providing patient privacy as and when it is needed, the YewdaleMovatrack® 300 Telescopic Divider Rail is the perfect solution.

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