Perfect Fit blinds have grown in popularity due to their innovative design and ease of installation. The installation of conventional blinds requires a variety of tools and fitting experience. Conversely, the Perfect Fit blind simplifies the entire process and reduces the time it takes you to install the blinds. So let's answer the common question; are perfect fit blinds any good?

Is the installation of perfect fit blinds easy?

These blinds require neither intricate DIY skills nor a toolbox full of equipment. Drilling into walls becomes a thing of the past. The only prerequisite is accurate measurement of the window or door, which you then forward to a trusted manufacturer like us.

If you order Perfect Fit® blinds from us, we take an extra step by pre-assembling the frame for you, provided we can deliver your order with our own vans. We only offer this service to postcodes covered by our delivery team because we are confident that the assembled frame won’t be damaged in transit. Other blind manufacturers use third-party couriers and, thereby, cannot offer this assurance.

Like all products, the pros and cons of Perfect Fit blinds must be considered, particularly if you are an installer of blinds and want to know if they are right for your business.

Are perfect fit blinds any good?


  1. No Drilling Required: One of the main benefits is that they don't require any drilling into walls or window frames. This means less mess and potential damage, plus a faster installation. You may be able to complete more installations in a day by switching to Perfect Fit blinds.
  2. Clean and Streamlined Appearance: The blinds fit directly into the window frame, creating a tidy and seamless look that your customers may prefer. You may also find that you can install blinds for customers who are renting a home because the blinds don’t need to be drilled into the wall.
  3. Maximises Window Space: Because they are fitted within the frame, your customers can use the full windowsill, and the blinds don't protrude into the room.
  4. Enhanced Insulation: Some types, like our honeycomb design, trap air, which can provide additional insulation. This can help keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.
  5. Safety: With no hanging cords, they are safer in households with children or pets.
  6. Versatility: Perfect for tilt and turn windows, bi-fold doors, and conservatories where other blind types might be unsuitable.
  7. Easily Removable: If your customer needs to clean their windows or blinds, the blinds can be easily clicked out and back in again. Removing the blind for cleaning makes the experience more comfortable. You may need to show your customer how to safely remove the blind without damaging it or the window’s rubber seal.


  1. Limited to Certain Windows: They're specifically designed for uPVC windows and doors, which means they're unsuitable for all window types.
  2. Price: Typically, they are more expensive than standard blinds due to their specialised nature. As a result, you may need to balance the time saved during installation with the higher cost per blind and decide which shading system is most cost-effective for you.
  3. Less Ventilation: As they fit snugly, there may be reduced airflow when they're down, which could be a disadvantage in stuffy rooms.
  4. Light Leakage: Although they provide a snug fit, there can still be slight light leakage at the edges in some cases.
  5. Potential for Frame Damage: Over time, constantly removing and reinserting the blind might wear out the rubber seals of the window or door, particularly if the end-user is heavy-handed. You may receive more callouts to fix Perfect Fit blinds if you choose to use them for most of your installations.
  6. Design Limitations: The range of designs and materials may be more limited compared to traditional blinds because they are newer to the market.

While Perfect Fit blinds offer a modern and easy solution for many, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons to determine if they're right for your specific needs.

Why buy commercial blinds from Yewdale?

We are designers and producers of commercial blinds, and one of the only companies that suppliers our unique shading systems in component and made-to-measure form. We specialise in tailor-made blinds and cater exclusively to trade clientele like blind installers, contractors, interior designers and architects.

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