Vertical Blind Mechanisms
Why They Matter

The vertical blind is as popular today as it ever was, adding a touch of grace and class to office spaces, boardrooms and even health care environments all over the country. Functional yet stylish, vertical blinds provide an easy way to control the light in a room, whilst allowing for absolute privacy and shade when needed.

Providing the right kind of blind to meet the client’s needs is a privilege enjoyed by Yewdale customers because we offer a broad range of colours and fabric types that suit all environments. However, we can also go one step further.

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The correct mechanism on the right blind can transform the user’s experience. Moving the blind needs to be easy and suited to the environments, but clients are often not aware of the full options we have available to them, so it’s always worth explaining how vertical blinds work.

Crank operated vertical blind

A crank operated vertical blind is a great means of controlling a blind, especially if located in an awkward space. We all know how annoying it is to have to lean across a desk to reach the window blind in an office – something that should be simple becomes a chore. A crank handle easily connects to the mechanism magnetically and can be attached and detached with little effort from the client.

This also helps with areas where children are present or where people congregate, such as a waiting room. By removing the crank handle people are less able to adjust or play with the blind, a welcome mercy for all maintenance teams and cleaners. This system is known as the YewdaleDefiant® VL64 Crank, and is tough enough to withstand regular, heavy-handed use.

Chain operated vertical blind

A chain operated vertical blind is probably considered the standard mechanism, however, there are noticeable differences with our vertical blinds. The YewdaleDefiant® VL30 premium profile has a chain and a cord – the chain to rotate the slats and the cord to open and close the blind.

No corners are cut when it comes to the VL30 – the precision-made aluminium spindle shaft transports the louvres smoothly every time the metal control chain is operated or the cord is pulled. The metal chain also allows the user to set the blind in position and know that the louvres are securely set in place. Every inch of the VL30 is quality and your clients will love using this blind.

But we didn’t stop there. Building on the top-quality chain mechanism, Yewdale developed the YewdaleDefiant® VL60 Mono. The louvres are controlled by a single chain – open, close and rotate are all done through the chain; the ‘mono’ control. This is an easy to use blind that clients love – it has the speed of a roller blind, the robustness of a heavy duty blind and the style of a vertical blind.

Electric vertical blind

For real ease of use, at the very top of the pile, is the YewdaleDefiant® VL65 electric vertical blind. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the modern-day window shading solution. At the touch of a button, you can open, close and rotate the louvres.

It is built to last and will serve your client for years to come, much more so than other electric blinds on the market. Electric vertical blinds are a great way to shade areas that are difficult to access, such as at a height or in an area frequented by children.

Wand operated vertical blind

Finally, this next mechanism is so simple you’ll be forgiven for passing it by, but trust us, clients can’t believe how easy it is. The YewdaleDefiant® VL31 premium profile vertical blind works on the principle of a wand pushing and pulling the louvres open and closed. The wand can be twisted to rotate the louvres.

The wand mechanism also allows the client to put the vertical blind in the exact position they want it in without having to pull chains and cords. The wand is thin and discreet and easily blends into the background, which is often a requirement with blind mechanisms.

Don’t hesitate today, expand your knowledge of Yewdale’s vertical blind range with a chat with your business development manager – we’d be happy to explain in greater detail the intricate details of these fantastic systems.

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