Working hard to control and prevent infection

Infection prevention has always been crucial, even more so through the global pandemic. International Infection Prevention Week aims to show just how important it is in saving lives.

We understand the demand for individuals, businesses and communities to play their part in preventing the spread of infections. Our products are often placed in some of the most demanding environments, from educational settings and important offices to healthcare and mental health environments. This means we need to help make the physical environment easy to clean to control infections.

Here are a few ways we play a part in helping prevent and control infections:

  1. Easy to clean materials, fabrics and systems

We ensure that all our products are designed to be super easy to clean, without dust traps, and benefit rather than hinder our customers.

At Yewdale, we have a wide range of fabrics perfect for commercial and public environments with different properties. Screen fabric, perfect for allowing daylight to peep through the room without the glare, blackout fabrics creating the darkest of rooms through to our PVC coated fabric that is easy to clean while remaining durable.    

Our anti-ligature en-suite SafeDoor from our YewdaleKestrel® range is made from faux leather with the magnetic fixings enclosed within a PVC coated webbing. The faux leather is wipe clean, resilient and can withstand daily use and cleaning, while the PVC webbing has undergone rigorous testing with NHS standard disinfectant and is proudly backed by IPC professionals.

Our YewdaleMovatrack® cubicle tracking is maintenance-free and is designed to meet the needs of modern NHS trusts and hospitals’ Health Technical Memoranda 66.

Alongside our cubicle tracking, we also offer reusable cubicle Stericurtain. Made from wipe-clean PVC coated polyester, Stericurtain drapes like a conventional curtain and can be safely used in hospitals for a greener and cost-effective alternative to disposables.

  1. Biosafe accreditation

Fabrics with a Biosafe accreditation mean that they will inhibit the spread of disease and not harbour microbes. It is inherent within the fabric which means it will not wear off over time. Both our YewdaleDefiant® Dart PVC and Roe screen fabrics come with the accreditation as standard, making them hugely popular among commercial and public settings. 

As well as fabrics, we also have shower curtains and both disposable and reusable cubicle curtains with the Biosafe anti-microbial accreditation, perfect for demanding environments like healthcare and mental health settings.

  1. Protective screening

As well as manufacturing shading and privacy products to help prevent infection, we also produce screening products specific for infection control such as our Movascreen, Rollerscreen and Hangerscreen.

Each of these products were designed to help with infection control during the pandemic. Our hygienic social distancing protective screens help protect staff, patients and customers and can be freestanding, suspended or ceiling fixed for the perfect form of protection.

Let us help you prevent infection

We are huge advocates of infection prevention and support this international day to help show how important it really is. Let us know if we can help you, your organisation or your next project today! Contact us for more information about our infection prevention products: +44 (0) 1268 570900   |   [email protected]