The Hidden Curtain Track:


The YewdaleVitesse® 5000W 

The YewdaleVitesse® range of curtain tracks are made to cover a broad spectrum of environments. As any one of our customers knows, wherever you may be working, be it an office, hospital ward or school, these areas still need shading and screening. The value of a good supplier is to be diverse enough to provide solutions for our customers wherever they find themselves.

The YewdaleVitesse® 5000W is a fine example of this. To often could we focus on the strongest, most heavy-duty curtain track that Yewdale can manufacture, but the reality is, there is as much demand for the opposite end of the scale.

Thin, discreet and easy to install, the YewdaleVitesse® 5000W is the slimmest curtain track we offer. It is top-fix only and is perfect for voile or net curtains. Being top-fixed, and with pre-drilled holes, installing this track is easy, with the track often being ready for use within a matter of minutes.


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It is widely used as a curtain track for caravans, camper vans, boats and even aircraft thanks to its slimline and lightweight profile. Our curtain tracks are aluminium with a white-powder coated finish which gives them a clean and fresh look appreciated by customers. However, due to its small size and the lack of brackets, this track can be easily hidden from view or camouflaged with the interior design.

The YewdaleVitesse® 5000W may be small on the surface, but the sheer number of applications it can be used for, with a dash of imagination, makes this curtain track an invaluable option for your customers. Speak with our sales team today to find out how the YewdaleVitesse® curtain track range can meet your customer’s requirements.



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