New width: YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric available in 1830mm!

The popular YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric is now available in a new width – 1830mm! This reduces fabric wastage and keeps costs down, the benefits of which will be immediately enjoyed by our customers buying wholesale. Our customers asked and we answered!

Speak with your account manager or download the YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric selector today!

The new width sees the YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric joins our YewdaleDefiant® Dart fabric in the under two metres size option. The smaller size means that less fabric needs to be trimmed off when building a system for a smaller installation, which helps to save on wastage. 

YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric is designed for areas where a high level of solar control is required, along with exceptional performance characteristics. Solar glare is reduced, the comfort of natural light is maintained.