Our innovation team have been busy again at Yewdale redesigning the end cap which is used in our cassette with tracker blind systems.

The cassette end cap is a modest part that simply fits snug between the side channel and the bottom bar to give a flush, neat and tidy finish. 

The new moulded end cap is now one piece instead of the previous two-part component which required assembly with screws. Being a moulded part removes any possible friction on the side channel and the fabric from the cap.

A small but useful improvement is the pinched slot in the end cap which helps to keep the fabric tight. This will be particularly useful for larger window and overhead blinds where the fabric tends to pull under its weight on the cap causing small ripples or sag in the fabric. The new cap performs exceptionally better in these shading environments.

The new end cap will now be included in all our cassette with tracker systems going forward and is available in black or white for component sales.

You can get in touch with your account manager if you would like to find out more about this part by contacting us on 01268 570900 or email us.