We now offer 2500mm and 3000mm wide widths of the most popular colours in our Thames dim out and Eden blackout fabrics. 

Thames dimout is a very fashionable fabric offering a variety of 22 vibrant colours.   Flame retardant and bio-safe with antibacterial properties, it lets in a small amount of light but still provides privacy.

Eden blackout is a stylish fabric with a colour matching acrylic foam coated backing that provides superior blackout properties. With 30 eye-catching colours, it’s fire retardant, odourless and colourfast.

The benefit to wider width fabric

With large floor to ceiling glazing in style within commercial offices and contemporary residential apartment complexes to make the most of the view, the new wide width fabrics are ideal for these commercial projects with joins being kept to a minimum ensuring the blind has a seamless finish.

Wider width fabric also provides a more cost-effective solution for blind manufacturers making multiple smaller blinds reducing fabric wastage. With the availability of 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm widths, there is now more choice in choosing the right width for your project to minimise costs.

Mix and match blackout with dimout

With the recent introduction of 14 new colours to the Thames dimout range that matches Eden Blackout specifying a mix and match of dimout and blackout in the same colour couldn’t be easier.

Available now

Both fabrics are now available to order in the shop or for more information download your new Thames and Eden blackout fabric selectors here.