Seven years after the release of our first anti-ligature en-suite door, we’re proud to launch SafeDoor 2. Our original SafeDoor was an exceptional product, so we haven’t reinvented the wheel. Instead, we’ve added a number of new features that make SafeDoor 2 our best anti-ligature door yet.

Why does Yewdale manufacture anti-ligature en-suite doors?

In mental health facilities, a large number of inpatient suicides involve an en-suite because they provide enough time between checks to create a ligature. Traditional solid bathroom doors are commonly used as a ligature point because they do not have anti-ligature technology.

Our first SafeDoor was introduced as a life-saving solution, which has since been installed in mental health facilities around the country. This new version of our en-suite anti-ligature door utilises the same magnetic load release system as the original. If a load greater than 9kgs is placed on the door, the magnets will separate from their fixing points, allowing the load release door to safely fall to the floor.

New shape

If you’ve seen the original, you’ll notice that the shape of SafeDoor 2 has changed. We’ve abandoned the rectangular shape and opted for a sleek, curved design.

Yewdale anti-ligature door for en-suite

You’ll also notice that the SafeDoor 2 curves inwards in the middle to create a handle for easy use of the door. This unique design is much safer than a door handle which could be removed by service users.

For larger door openings, we also provide the option of saloon-style double doors, as shown below.

Yewdale anti-ligature door

Lightweight and flexible

Constructed from soft foam, the SafeDoor 2 is thinner and lighter than the original, making it even more flexible. Weighing only 5kgs and only 9mms thick, SafeDoor 2 poses minimal risk of injury to service users and staff.

The surface is coated with a fibreglass reinforced fabric which strengthens the door, improves puncture resistance and ensures the printed images are crisp and long-lasting. The surface is also completely water-resistant, making it one of the best anti-ligature doors for en-suites.

Enhanced fire retardant properties

SafeDoor 2 also has a Crib 7 fire rating, ensuring that it adheres to strict mental health requirements. Crib 7 BS 5852: 2006 is used to test materials that will be used in mental health environments, prisons and other high-risk settings.

Prevents tampering

In mental health settings, service users may tamper with furniture or try to remove items to use inappropriately. To protect its anti-ligature functionality, we have created two layers of defence around the load release magnets. The magnets are stitched into pockets and then welded within the door’s hinge, securing them in place. This new design provides greater tamper resistance than the original and more confidence in the longevity of the SafeDoor 2.

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Initial reaction

We first showcased the SafeDoor 2 at 2022’s Design in Mental Health conference and it quickly became the main attraction at the Yewdale stand. Mental health professionals provided positive feedback regarding the changes we have made, praising how light and thin it is.

If you’d like to see the SafeDoor 2, we can travel to you in our show van and talk you through its benefits. Book a visit now!

To learn more about our best anti-ligature door yet, get in touch with a member of our team.