If you use wire side guiding with your roller blinds then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now use our stylish patent-pending bracket cover to add the finishing touch to your install.

A clever design update has seen the addition of a small hole to the bracket cover. The wire guide now passes through the hole and is secured with a new metal crimp keeping the wire firmly in place and hidden within the bracket. 

BracketSideGuide Bracketnewsimgs

Wire side guiding is used when you want to ensure that your roller blinds are kept in a closed position and don’t clang or flap around when there is a movement of air or people.  A discreet option and matches perfectly with the bottom bar.

The bracket cover can be used on all Yewdale’s top or face fixing brackets and will be supplied as standard in sizes of 32, 40 and 45mm going forward.

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