Motorised Curtain Track:

YewdaleVitesse® 8500W

If the job requires an electrically operated curtain track, the system will have to be dependable. Often located in areas where it is tough to operate the curtain through any other means but a button or remote control, the track most likely won’t be accessible for regular maintenance.


Fortunately, the YewdaleVitesse® 8500W electric curtain track is built to handle whatever you throw at it (except perhaps a bucket of water).


Built with a powerful 45-watt electric motor as standard, this track is made to handle heavy curtains with ease over great distances. It is made from heavy-duty steel overlap, strengthening it over distances.


The YewdaleVitesse® 8500W utilises roller runners which are low maintenance and self-lubricating, providing a long-term solution. They are strong enough to hold heavy curtains in place and transport them smoothly.


But don’t let this talk of heavy duty curtains and long distances dissuade you when it comes to automating curtains for a home or office. The YewdaleVitesse® 8500W is quiet thanks to its low-noise operating belt. Operating it couldn’t be easier: the limit stops are easy to set and an optional remote control means finger tip control for clients, especially those with accessibility or mobility issues.


We can cater for curves and bespoke shapes, with the bends causing no obstruction when moving the curtains.


Overall, this is a popular, simple, reliable electric curtain track that is an easy solution to what could be seen as difficult specifications. From theatres and auditoriums to homes and offices, the YewdaleVitesse® 8500W is the ultimate in motorised curtain tracks.




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