We’re always looking for ways to add to or improve our product ranges, and recently we’ve been very busy! To make it as easy as possible to keep up to date with our latest product updates, here is a quick list of what to look out for.

White Roe in 1830mm

Due to the popularity and interest in our YewdaleDefiant® Roe White coloured screen fabric, we have released an 1830mm width option! White now joins our 1% and 3% light grey, mid grey and dark grey colours.

A smaller size offering means that our customers are able to keep costs down and reduce fabric wastage whilst still being able to provide all the benefits associated with Roe screen fabric. YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric is designed for areas where a high level of solar control is required, along with exceptional performance characteristics. Solar glare is reduced, the comfort of natural light is maintained.


45mm Barrel Adapters

We’re excited to announce that 45mm barrel adapters are now available to order, making it possible to use our motors in 45mm barrels. This gives you more opportunities to specify electric blinds with 45mm barrels, providing you and your clients with more options for easy-to-use blinds in larger installations.


Spring into Action

Take a look at our new braked springs available for wholesale! We’ve grown our selection of blinds to ensure the correct spring is used to comfortably operate within set blind sizes. We understand that a one­-size-­fits-all approach to springs can result in inconsistencies in operation, and so using bespoke springs that are geared for thin but long blinds, or long and heavy blinds or lighter, smaller blinds, you can be assured you’ll be using the most capable spring for the job.

These springs are specifically built to suit blinds within a range of sizes, from widths ranging from 600mm to 1800mm and drops of 600mm to 2150mm. Speak with your Business Development Manager for more information.


Brochure PDFs

In this day and age of fast information and a focus on reducing paper usage, our PDF brochures are just the ticket! We no longer stock physical copies of our YewdaleDefiant®, YewdaleHarrier®, YewdaleMovatrack® and YewdaleVitesse® product brochures, instead offering PDF versions instead.

The benefits of using this are plenty: have access to our product range and information anywhere at your fingertips, have confidence that the information in our PDF versions is the absolute latest and share them with customers at no extra cost to you – just attach it to an email!

Head over to our Downloads page to download your copy.


Child Safety Fitting Guides

In the pursuit of absolute safety, trust and clarity for all our customers, Yewdale has updated the fitting instructions for all cord and chain operated blinds. The recent changes concern only the installation of the child safety devices, something we’re certain all our customers are more than capable of completing.

However, we believe it is best to provide as much guidance as possible on these matters given the gravity of what is at stake. So, the next time you pick up a new fitting guide, please take a minute or so to check out the new information!

Child safe