As from the 1st January, all made to measure chain operated window blinds now come with p-clips as standard.

This means you will receive a p-clip clear chain tidy (938280) as standard when buying made to measure blinds as customer feedback told us this is your preference. When purchasing this item online, this item will be automatically added to each chain operated roller blind.

A p-clip replaces the cord/chain tidy which was previously the child safety device added as standard. A p-clip is a child safety device that prevents a chain from dangling loosely. By holding the chain close to the wall, it ensures that the chain operated blind meets all child safety requirements as the risk of becoming entangled within the chain is significantly reduced.

This amendment is a prime example of how Yewdale listens to our customers and strives to make their lives easier. Made to measure installers will have one less thing to specify when ordering Yewdale systems and will always have the means of conforming to child safety regulations.

Visit our Online Ordering Portal to order your chain operated blinds and you’ll notice the plastic p-clip is already set on the applicable made to measure systems as standard. Alternatively, contact your Business Development Executive if you require more information.