Yewdale prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality load release anti-ligature systems. With lives at stake and staff trusting the integrity of the system, Yewdale has carved out a reputation within a market that has seen our anti-ligature products appear in plenty of environments dedicated to mental health care.

YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature systems are based on the simple concept of magnets. The object needed for the room – a towel hook, a toilet roll holder, a mirror, are all held in place with a magnetic fitting.

If excessive weight is applied to the object, it will separate from the magnetic bracket making it unable to be used dangerously. The magnetic bracket is installed flush against the wall and provides no ligature opportunity.

Reattaching the object is easy – the magnet system connects back together once offered up to the fitting. We’ve found this ability to be popular among healthcare staff. It allows the space to be adapted to suit the needs of the service user.

For example, some people can react adversely to their reflection, especially in the slightly warped polished-metal reflection of an anti-ligature mirror. Magnetic attachments allow the staff to remove the mirror or any other part of the space deemed unwelcome to suit the needs of the service user as and when it’s required.

Another benefit of YewdaleKestrel® that sets it apart from other anti-ligature systems is that pulling it sideways will still cause it to separate. Magnets can’t be jammed, unlike friction-based devices. Friction-based systems are only designed to activate with a downward pulling motion but can be jammed if they are pulled sideways.

An issue that arises commonly with friction-based anti-ligature systems is that over time they weaken. Whilst it’s important for the system to separate under pressure, it still needs to be of use within its primary function. A towel rail not strong enough to hold a towel is frustrating and useless.

Therefore, the healthcare staff need to regularly replace and maintain the anti-ligature systems, which is a costly and time-consuming task. YewdaleKestrel® will continue to work for as long as the magnets remain magnetised, which is an indefinite length of time (estimates suggest there is a 5% decrease in magnetism every 100 years). Wear and tear and decline of the magnet’s strength do not apply to our systems.

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YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature load release systems are designed to collapse individually, which is important when in a ward situation. If a YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature curtain track is pulled down, it will not bring down the entire length of curtain track, just the part the ligature is attached to, preventing further injury, damage and disruption to the ward.

YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature systems are a clever and effective way to provide and anti-ligature system in environments that need safety and security for the service user. The unique method of securing the system provides alternatives to healthcare staff, giving them new ways to assist the recovery of the service user.

We can supply a great range of anti-ligature products. If you’d like to find out more about our YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature systems please download your copy of our brochure, training pack or contact your Business Development Executive today.