Creating the perfect blind involves careful consideration of each component and how the blind will look once installed. From internal mechanisms and user controls to visually appealing components that enhance the room's ambience, each part plays a significant role.

A key component of any blind is the bottom bar of the blind. It’s not just a functional element but a stylistic one that significantly influences the overall look and feel of the blinds.

How important is a blind's bottom bar?

A blind's bottom bar is designed to weigh the fabric down for a perfect hang. Without a bottom bar, the fabric would easily move in the wind and would not hang perfectly, creating ripples on its surface. The bottom bar also protects the fabric and completes the entire blind aesthetically.

We have designed a range of bottom bars and end caps, which are tailored to suit various commercial blinds and styles.

Fabric-Covered Bottom Bars

Plastic Bottom Bar: Our trusted white plastic bottom bar is standard on our YewdaleDefiant® R20 roller blinds. It arrives front-covered with fabric when paired with lighter fabrics such as daylight, dimout, and blackout. For thicker fabrics, an aluminium teardrop bottom bar, described below, is the standard.

Aluminium Bottom Bar: For a premium feel, many of our customers upgrade the standard plastic bottom bar to a white aluminium version. It’s a heavier alternative, adding extra stability to the blind.

Fabric BB with text

Both of the above options can be customised further. Options include fully fabric-covered bars and, for the aluminium option, a fabric-welded pocket, where the bottom bar is entirely encased in fabric. This lends a seamless, integrated appearance as the fabric flows uninterrupted down the window.

You can opt for a contrasting fabric on the bottom bar for a bold, unique statement that's sure to catch the eye. Plus, a fully fabric-covered bottom bar minimises noise against the window frame during windy conditions.

Exposed Bottom Bars

Teardrop Bottom Bar: This aluminium teardrop bottom bar is not just functional, it's a statement. Available in black, white, or silver, it effortlessly complements the fabric choice, hardware, and overall interior design. It’s standard on select YewdaleDefiant® roller blinds and pairs well with thicker fabrics. For spring-operated roller blinds, this bar can be used to operate the blind, providing an ergonomic grip if a pull cord isn’t installed.

Round Bottom Bar: For a modern, sleek appearance, consider the round bottom bar. Available in white or silver aluminium, this option is equally at home in professional office spaces and contemporary residential interiors.

Exposed BB ith text

The teardrop and round aluminium bottom bars can be used with our wire and channel side guiding systems, reducing excessive blind movement and potential damage.

Diversity Tailored for Every Project

We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range that empowers our customers to adapt their blinds to any environment perfectly and even to match new blinds with those in existing projects. We spare no detail in ensuring the premium quality of our bottom bars, affirming the exceptional standards of our blinds as a whole.

Contact us if you have any questions about our bottom bars or blinds. You can browse our full range of bottom bars and see their technical specification here