In this article, we explore how antimicrobial disposable curtains work and why many NHS hospitals choose them over standard cubicle curtains. An antimicrobial disposable curtain is a type of hospital curtain with a specially treated fabric that is designed to inhibit the growth and spread of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hospital curtains are one of the most frequently touched surfaces, meaning they are breeding grounds for bacteria which can result in cross-contamination between patients.

Dr. Mark Webber, a specialist in antimicrobial resistance at the Quadram Institute of Bioscience said, “As we find it harder to treat infections due to increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant bugs in hospitals, it’s more important than ever to prevent infection happening in the first place”.

How antimicrobial disposable curtains work

Antimicrobial curtains minimise the growth of microorganisms and reduce the risk of cross-contamination and transfer of microorganisms between patients and staff.

Antimicrobial disposable curtains are an effective method of reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) due to their design and ability to change them regularly.

The antimicrobial properties of hospital curtains are typically achieved by adding antimicrobial agents into the curtain material. These agents can be additives or coatings that are effective in killing or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the curtain. The treatment makes this kind of curtain more hygienic than standard disposable cubicle curtains.

Our Biosafe® formula

Currently, there is no healthcare regulation that stipulates antimicrobial curtains must be used instead of other curtains and the decision usually comes down to individual hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) strategy. At Yewdale, we recommend opting for our antimicrobial disposable curtains for enhanced IPC.

YewdaleHarrier® antimicrobial disposable cubicle curtains are treated with a Biosafe® formula. Biosafe® is the international accreditation standard of our upheld antimicrobial formula that ensures effective inhibition of infection. Every Biosafe® product is screened, pre-tested and trialled before being awarded the accreditation, demonstrating compliance with antimicrobial control guidelines.

AntiMicrobial disposable cubicle curtain

Are disposable curtains effective?

Disposable curtains are preferred in some healthcare settings because they can be easily replaced and discarded after use, reducing the need for laundering or extensive cleaning. This convenience helps maintain a hygienic environment and saves time and resources compared to traditional fabric curtains that require regular washing and maintenance.

By limiting the spread of infection and maintaining good hygiene practices like hand sanitisation, our antimicrobial cubicle curtains can provide an added layer of protection for those who are most vulnerable. This containment approach can help prevent the ramifications of coronavirus and other contagious viruses from spreading further.

Why buy antimicrobial cubicle curtains from us?

  • Manufactured with up to 100 grams less plastic per curtain
  • End-to-end recycling programme offered, reducing disposal costs
  • Made in the UK using solar power
  • Approved-NHS supplier of disposable curtains

If you are considering using antimicrobial disposable curtains or have specific questions about them, we can advise on their effectiveness and compatibility with different cubicle tracks. Please get in touch to arrange a call or a free sample.