What To Consider
When Installing Blinds In An Office

The YewdaleDefiant® range has plenty of diversity, making our systems worthy of all kinds of installations – particularly offices.

Based on the kinds of questions we receive and the feedback we get from customers, combined with the knowledge of our Business Development Executives, we’re taking a look at the key considerations when installing a blind in an office.

Now, we’re aware that for many readers this is common practice, and comes part-and-parcel with your job, however you may find some additional points that you can use when speaking with a potential client in the early stages of specifying a job. Please add any other tips and ideas in the comments below – we love to hear your thoughts!

Offices need to be comfortable. Not just in terms of furniture, but light levels also play a large part. Too much bright light can cause eye strain and lowers productivity. Sunlight can make it very difficult to see computer screens and the glare can make working very uncomfortable.

Quality blinds with screen fabric, such as YewdaleDefiant® Roe fabric are a great way to combat this issue. It allows light in but it is dispersed, counteracting glare. This is ideal for windows that receive a lot of regular sunlight for many hours throughout the day.

It is also likely that blinds in offices will be left in place for much of their time. If the blind is serving a purpose, such as preventing glare, the blind will most likely be set at a position and remain there. Therefore the mechanism needs to be strong enough to hold the fabric in place.

A weaker mechanism can offer a firm hold to begin with but soon lose their ability to keep the positioning required. Blinds in offices are likely to be set in a very specific position, possibly mid-way up a window. It wouldn’t do to have a line of window blinds drifting into different positions in an ununiformed manner, especially for image-conscious companies.

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All of Yewdale’s mechanisms are made to the highest standards and hold firm even the heaviest of fabrics.

Likewise, blind maintenance is not likely to be high on a facilities manager’s list of priorities, and so regular care would not be a common customer specification.

Fortunately, all Yewdale mechanisms are low maintenance, providing years of service with little cause for anyone to take a closer look. Even if the blinds endure frequent use, our strong chains and durable components can go the distance.

Offices need to look good. Staff spend most of their week in that space, so the room needs to be pleasing on the eye. Regardless of how heavy-duty the mechanism or barrel, the fabric needs to match the company’s branding or be neutral enough to keep it discreet. We offer printed blinds that look fantastic with a company’s logo on it, or even a landscape image to entertain staff.

Few things are more annoying than a clattering blind, blowing in the wind. Yewdale offers a range of side channels and wire side-guiding systems that retains the fabric and prevents it from billowing about if the window is open. This prevents distractions, keeps people from losing their tempers and adds a stylish, modern look to the window.

A final consideration for installing blinds in offices is access. It may not always be easy to reach the chain to operate the blind, due to desks, furniture or office hardware. For those particularly hard to reach areas we would suggest taking advantage of our low voltage motors, which can be operated by remote control. They are also a subtle modern touch that staff will love showing visitors.

Yewdale is on hand to discuss any projects you have on the horizon and are more than happy to help. If you have any questions about our systems, whether they can be installed in particular locations or would just like to refresh your knowledge on a particular product, then get in touch with your dedicated Business Development Executive.

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