Big brands use high quality images printed on blinds as part of their marketing campaigns. These images look stunning, especially when printed on an enormous blind, such as below (centre).

Other times it is possible to use a printed blind to transform a window’s view. Perhaps outside is a grey, drab day on an industrial estate: not the most inspiring of views. A printed blind makes it possible for the business to lower the blind and transport their staff elsewhere, sparking creativity and fresh ideas in the process. Above (right) is an image of Shanghai printed on a blind used in such an environment.

Businesses have quickly realised an issue with shading their premises. Windows allow passers-by to see inside, but on bright, warm days the sun can be too much for those inside. The solution is to draw a blind that still captures the attention of the passer-by whilst protecting the people inside the shop. This example does just that, exhibiting witty captions and giving the premises a sense of personality, even if you can’t see inside. See above (top centre) for an example.

A picture says a thousand words, and has the power to relax, move, motivate and focus a person’s mind. Depending on the situation, a printed blind can provide a welcome portal to a different world. In a hospital, we imagine most would rather be anywhere but on a ward. A small blind with a tranquil image can draw the eye and provide a welcome distraction, demonstrated below (right).

Finally, printed blinds are absolutely perfect for children’s areas, transforming a dull room into an exciting, colourful play area (spot the blind we recently printed – top left).

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