It’s the small details that make a blind perform exceptionally. From the internal mechanism systems and barrel and brackets, hidden away to the more visual elements like the fabric, control mechanism and of course, the bottom bar, every part needs to function perfectly.

The bottom bar on a blind can make a real difference to the overall look and performance. This is why we provide a choice of bottom bar to accompany your window blind.

White plastic, aluminium teardrop in black, white or silver, fully fabric covered bottom bars, and round aluminium bottom bars give a choice to create a blind to suit the specific needs of the environment the blind is destined to be installed into.

For example, a fully fabric-covered bottom bar disguises the fact that there is a bottom bar at all. It helps with continuity, with the fabric running unbroken down the full length of the window with no discernible differences to draw the eye.

An added benefit of a fabric-covered bottom bar is that if the area the blind is installed in has a lot of people walking past, then the bottom bar is deadened against any sound if it hits the wall or other parts providing relief for those sitting near an open window which can cause a blind to clatter.

The teardrop bottom bar looks immensely stylish and stands out from the other types of bottom bar on the market. For spring operated roller blinds, such as the YewdaleDefiant® R20S, this type of bottom bar provides better grip if the user chooses not to use the pull cord. The teardrop aluminium bottom bar is available in black, white or silver which makes it easier to disguise within the interior.

The option to use a round aluminium bottom bar gives way to the ability to pair new systems with existing systems on a project. The round bottom bar is stylish and rather contemporary looking, and so it’s ideal for offices and home spaces alike.

The quality of these bottom bars is second to none, and this adds testament to the exceptional standards of the blinds overall. With no detail overlooked, and every component built to excel at its role, our blinds function perfectly.

Each bottom bar provides a little extra weight at the bottom of the fabric to help the fabric hang at its best. The end caps are held securely in place and are less likely to pop out, and look a sight better than alternatives out there that have no end-caps at all!

We like to offer choice when it comes to our systems, and by having the choice of bottom bar, our customers are able to adapt their blinds to suit any environment perfectly.

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