In the bustling world of healthcare, most hospitals use disposable curtains to separate beds and provide privacy to patients. While they are preferable to traditional fabric curtains, disposable curtains are costly and damage the environment because the vast majority end up in clinical waste instead of recycling.

Our Stericurtain reusable cubicle curtain is the perfect solution for forward-thinking hospitals that want to make long-term savings and reduce their environmental impact. At Yewdale, we have designed an innovative and unique reusable hospital curtain. The curtain doesn’t need to be changed or laundered. To achieve this, we developed an antimicrobial wipe-clean surface that doesn’t degrade over time.

Here are four reasons why hospitals should step away from disposable curtains and switch to our reusable hospital curtain.

1. Lifetime warranty

Our reusable cubicle curtain comes with a lifetime warranty, equating to significant cost savings over the long run. Durability is at the heart of our Stericurtain, which is made from robust 100% polyester PVC laminated fabric that resists tears and stains, ensuring longevity. We're so confident in the durability of our product that we provide a lifetime guarantee.

2. Long-term cost savings

Disposable curtains result in high facilities and waste disposal costs due to curtain changes and the need to throw them away. On the other hand, Stericurtain only requires time spent to disinfecting the curtain, which helps hospitals reduce costs.

While the initial cost of reusable cubicle curtains is higher than disposable curtains, the long-term savings are undeniable. Disposable curtains, with their frequent replacements, incur ongoing expenses, not only for the curtains themselves but also for labour and waste disposal.

Assuming you change disposable curtains four times a year, switching to Stericurtain would begin saving you money in just a handful of years. Just like solar panels, it’s an investment into the future that creates ongoing cost savings in a short number of years. After ten years of use, our reusable curtain would save a hospital thousands of pounds when compared to using disposable curtains.

3. Infection prevention and control

Our reusable curtain also provides enhanced infection prevention and control because the curtain can be cleaned as often as needed, unlike disposable curtains, which are often changed months apart and harbour germs.

Health Building Note (HBN) 00-10 Part E states that cubicle curtains are a proven source of bacterial cross-contamination. Research carried out by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (2008) concluded that “Hospital privacy curtains are frequently contaminated with healthcare-associated pathogens which can easily be acquired on hands.” Stericurtain should be used to reduce healthcare-associated infection. Including curtain sanitisation in a regular bed cleaning routine ensures that the reusable curtain is germ-free after each patient.

reusable cubicle curtain

Body fluid spills can be wiped away without needing to detach the reusable curtains from their tracks. This feature not only saves time for healthcare staff but also aligns with eco-friendly practices by sidestepping the need for laundering or disposing of curtains, thereby cutting carbon emissions.

4. Environmentally friendly

According to HBN 00-10 Part E, between “April 2021 and March 2022, the NHS generated 455,371 tonnes of waste and this included a proportion of single-use plastics”. Many tonnes of waste could be removed completely or replaced by safe, reusable alternatives. The use of our reusable curtain in NHS trusts signifies a commitment to sustainability through reduced carbon emissions compared to disposable or non-laminated alternatives.

Disposable curtains, by their very nature, are a significant source of waste. With frequent replacements, hospitals contribute to a growing landfill burden, straining the environment and depleting natural resources. Stericurtain does not require disposal or laundering, aligning with environmentally friendly practices integrated within the NHS. Furthermore, Stericurtain only needs to be produced once whereas multiple disposable curtains are produced, meaning higher water and energy consumption plus manufacturing emissions.


Our Stericurtain reusable hospital curtain is designed as a practical solution for hospitals that wish to reduce long-term costs and their carbon footprint. Stericurtain fits to any existing cubicle track, meaning your hospital can quickly test it on a trial basis without needing to change anything on the ward. For more information, please contact us.