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As a manufacturer of commercial blinds, we work on a supply-only basis to trade customers who install blinds in commercial and residential settings. We want to help our customers confidently install our cassette blinds efficiently and quickly, so we provide a training course for blind installers.

Observe two blind installations

The training course will be led by our Technical and Operations Support Manager, who will walk you through installing two Yewdale cassette blinds. 

You will see our expert install an overhead cassette blind, which is the perfect blind for a skylight. Installing an overhead blind is challenging due to the positioning of the window. Our expert will break down each stage of the installation and provide tips along the way to simplify the entire process and help you reduce the time it takes to complete the job. 

Cassette blinds training day

You will also learn how to install cassette blinds with side channels following our newly developed goalpost installation technique. We have redesigned the end plates with stronger lugs to enable the side channels to be screwed into the headbox, creating a frame similar to a football goal. This frame can then be lifted and fitted via the side channels. 

Our goalpost installation is a completely unique way of installing a cassette blind with side channels, and we believe it helps to reduce the time it takes to install the system. 

Goalpost installation diagram updated

Further details about the training

You will learn the following:

  • To correctly make deductions
  • To choose the best cassette system based on your requirements
  • To correctly tension overhead blinds
  • To set the limits for our electric motor
  • The components that make up our market-leading cassette blinds

Cassette blind training

Our training course will take place at our London showroom which is situated in the heart of Clerkenwell. The day starts at 9 am and refreshments will be served. Once you complete the course, you will receive a Yewdale certificate and a bag full of Yewdale goodies to take home.

The showroom spans three floors and provides the perfect place to host this training course. Due to the nature of the training, spaces are limited. If you're a blind installer, we encourage you to join our cassette blinds training course and learn how to install cassette blinds!

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Cassette blinds are a popular part of our commercial blinds range because they provide additional protection that roller blinds don't get. The headbox is the definitive part of the cassette blind because it encloses the blind's barrel and mechanism, preventing damage and dust build-up. We manufacture square and rounded aluminium headboxes, allowing you to choose the style that best fits the installation. 

If you are a blind installer, you can contact us here for more information or request a speedy quote for your next installation. We provide premium quality blinds at fair prices, all with a lifetime warranty!