3 changes to Yewdale cassette blinds


There are some exciting changes to the YewdaleDefiant® cassette blinds range that we'd like to share with you. We have designed a new component, developed a new installation technique and created a cassette blinds training course to help blind installers quickly complete hassle-free installations.

1. Square headboxes

It's no secret that the headbox is the defining feature of any cassette blind. To provide you with more choices, we have designed new square headboxes for our range of cassette blinds. We will continue to manufacture the rounded headboxes that come as standard with our cassette blinds but also provide the option of a stylish square headbox.

Square headbox for cassette blinds

The headbox of a cassette blind is essential both for the system’s longevity and appearance. It protects the blind’s barrel and fabric from damage whilst keeping it free from dust. The headbox hides the blind’s barrel, which many people prefer. Our new square headbox has a modern style which helps the system blend in with the wall or recess.

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2. Our new installation method

We have developed a new installation technique specifically for cassette blinds with side channels, which we have nicknamed the goalpost installation. The cassette blind’s headbox is laid on the floor with the blind inside the box and the headbox cover on, and the side channels are inserted onto the side cheek lugs of the headbox and secured with a screw.

Connecting the blind's side channels to the headbox creates a frame that resembles a football goal, which inspired the name of this installation.

The blind can then be lifted up and fixed to the wall or recess by the side channels. This is a much simpler installation method that isn’t comparable to any other system on the market. We have adjusted the side plates for all our cassette blinds to enable this style of installation.

Goalpost installation diagram updated

Our cassette blind training course will cover the goalpost installation in more detail, so book your place now!

3. Join our new cassette blinds training course

Our brand new training course covers the difference between our cassette systems, providing key information to help you choose the best blind for different windows. The course is your chance to learn about our unique goalpost installation, which we have recently developed. You will also get to see our new square headbox in person.

Our Technical Support Manager will walk you through the installation of a cassette blind with side channels and an overhead cassette blind. You will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Cassette blind training

Training will take place in our London showroom where refreshments will be served. This is a great training course with loads of valuable information to help you confidently install Yewdale cassette blinds without any hassle.

Book your place on our cassette blinds training now!

To learn more about our new training course before booking your place, click here.