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Some people don't like the appearance of blinds above windows, which is why we worked tirelessly to create a solution. ShadeBox® is an innovative recessed box system that has attracted a lot of interest from architects and interior designers who specialise in creating minimalistic, modern interiors.

Roller blinds are installed within ShadeBox®, which blends into the ceiling and conceals the blind from view. As you can see from the image below, only the blind's fabric will be seen when shading is required; you can't see the top of the blind system. Conceal roller blinds from view​Download datasheet

Installing the recessed box system is surprisingly simple.

All a tradesperson needs to do is dryline or plaster up to the box during the construction of the ceiling. Alternatively, an adaptor can be used which enables the installer to fit ShadeBox® within a false ceiling.

The render below shows how the blind is concealed within the system. ShadeBox® features metal transition plates which hold the blind in place and guarantee an easy blind installation and removal.

ShadeBox render shows how the blind is concealed

This system is only supplied in component form and is available up to 5m in length, ensuring it fits most windows. ShadeBox® is supplied as standard in white but can be powder-coated in any RAL colour to suit the interior design of different buildings.

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