You can now find us on NBS Chorus for Manufacturers!

NBS Chorus is an online system for specifiers which allows product manufacturers such as Yewdale to collaborate digitally on specifications.

There is much to consider when specifying shading products, not just the system requirement itself, but the operation, fabric, and how will the system enhance the occupant’s wellbeing. With our products on the NBS Chorus online platform, we can work much more collaboratively with architects to ensure suitable systems and products get specified for a project.

Through NBS Chorus, you can now invite Yewdale to work on any of your educational, healthcare, or commercial projects. With up-to-date product data and information on hand, avoid any worry of misspecification or products getting substituted at a later stage.

NBS Chorus is hosted online so can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so if you’re on-site or travelling on a train, specifications can be updated without the need for downloads or IT updates.

To find out more about how we work with architects and the NBS platform please contact our Specifications Consultant Graham Hill on 07848 460403 or email [email protected]

If you would like to broaden your knowledge on specifying shading systems, we have a CPD topic on ‘Specifying shading to enhance wellbeing’ which provides a useful insight into the various systems, operational methods and fabrics available for commercial projects.  Join the next available webinar here.