We’re pleased to announce that we will be offering a new packaging recycling service for our customers.

The new 'Greener Together' initiative will be through our Elite delivery service. It will allow you to hand back plastic and cardboard packaging from our products on previous deliveries to the driver who will transport the waste back to our factory for processing. The packaging will either be reused if in good enough condition or put in our container for our recycling contractor to handle.

Yewdale already recycles 74% of its waste, with the remaining 26% being shredded and turned into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), which is burnt in power stations to produce energy.

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, we were keen to work with customers to develop an initiative to reduce packaging waste.

Ryan Parsons, Managing Director, explains, “The Elite delivery service is unique to Yewdale. We’re the only shading manufacturer with its fleet of vans personally delivering our products, ensuring they get there on time and without damage.  It’s a real personal service. Some of our customers were experiencing problems recycling the packaging, especially cardboard, so it made sense for us to take it back on our Elite vans and reuse it or recycle it where we can.”

Elite Recycle News images

Photo: Yewdale Elite driver Dave handles the returned customer packaging

Most of our products are carefully wrapped in cardboard to reduce damage in transit. When transported via the Elite service, we can reduce the amount of product packaging as our drivers handle the deliveries with better care and attention than third party couriers. Currently, the service covers most of England, but we plan to extend it further in 2022.

The new 'Greener Together' initiative makes us one of the UK’s greenest shading and screening manufacturers. It is part of a bigger plan for us to look at our impact on the environment and implement changes to reduce our carbon footprint, including offering carbon-friendly products and transferring our vehicles over to electricity.

To ensure we can reuse and recycle as much packaging as possible, customers need to adhere to the following rules:

  • We will only collect our own packaging
  • We will only collect packaging if we are delivering
  • Our driver won’t wait for the current delivery to be unpacked
  • Packaging must be dry and free from dirt
  • Boxes to be flat packed
  • We reserve the right to refuse collection if the van is full