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Taking care of patients is the priority in healthcare and staff are constantly short of time. In light of this, we’ve made sure that our cubicle tracking and screening systems largely take care of themselves. Our hospital tracks are easy to install and easy to clean. They need no lubrication and give years of maintenance-free service. 

You can also choose from a range of cubicle curtains and screens that are antimicrobial and wipe-clean, as well as PPE protection for staff. Our disposable curtains feature a patent-pending design which has helped us to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used during production. We punch holes in the curtains which are used to attach to the gliders, meaning no plastic eyelets are added, helping the NHS to reduce its carbon footprint in line with its net zero targets.

Our reusable curtains like our Stericurtain can be quickly cleaned thanks to the wipe-clean surface which prevents the spread of infection in hospital wards. This also saves staff time because curtains do not have to be removed from the track and sent to the hospital's laundrette. 

Our load release anti-ligature blinds and screens are designed specifically for high-risk mental health settings. They feature magnetic load release brackets which eliminate ligature risk, reduce damage to facilities and can be easily reattached via the magnets. 

We also produce load release bathroom accessories including the UK's first SafeDoor, mounting plates, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and more. Our load release systems have been thoroughly tested and have a proven track record for being extremely reliable. 

All our products are widely used across the UK and worldwide.

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How can we help you today?