Delivery & Returns - Yewdale

Returns Policy for Products to Yewdale.

When returning goods to us we require that you should have taken reasonable care beforehand of the products. Typical goods must therefore be returned in their packaging and should be in a re-useable condition.

Please follow the steps below to ensure your return application is dealt with swiftly.

1.       Non-faulty goods will only be accepted for return if you requested to return them in writing within 28 days of the goods being delivered.

2.       If products are being returned due to a fault or an error, please contact the Yewdale quality control department to report the issue. We will then organize a collection and can research where the issue may have occurred.

3.       Ensure that the goods are in a re-useable condition.

4.       Replace the items in their original packaging, which should be also in a resalable condition.

5.       The packaging should be resealed using a minimum quantity of clear tape necessary to safely secure the box. Please see examples of rejected returns below.

6.       Contact us in writing for a Returns Authorisation Number.

7.       If you are unsure if the condition of the packaging meets our returns standard, take some photographs of the repackaged item showing all sides of the box and email them through to [email protected]

8.       We will email you your Returns Authorisation Form. A copy of this must be attached to each box being returned. Ensure labels are clear and visible. Attach 2 copies of the Yewdale returns note to the box securely. Any items received without this note will be rejected.

9.       All goods to be returned must be returned within 28 days of your original request to return them.

10.    Make arrangements with your courier for the return of the goods. The items being returned should be insured because if they are not in a resalable condition on arrival at our warehouse we will refuse the goods and you will be liable for additional carriage costs as well as the cost of the product(s).

11.    Advise us of the carrier you are using and the date that the goods are to arrive at our warehouse.

12.    All items being returned must have a valid Returns Authorisation Number clearly displayed on the outside of the parcel upon arrival at our warehouse or they will be refused.

How to pack your cartons for return

Cartons used should be durable and strong. If second-hand cartons are used, remove all other labels before use. Ensure the strength of the second-hand packaging is secure and adequate for the goods being sent. The more a carton is handled, the weaker it becomes.

Don’t overload a carton with too much weight. You do not want your goods bursting from the packaging or falling out the bottom of a carton.

Protect small and fragile items by individually wrapping them within the carton. Use bubble wrap, foam pads etc. to protect your items.

Make sure the contents of the box fill it. Any spaces or gaps can lead to products moving in transit and becoming damaged, or box being crushed when stacked leading to burst open cartons and missing items.

Use strong industrial tape not office tape. Strong tape will secure cartons and strengthen seams.

If necessary, use printed warning labels to highlight handling instructions.

We will typically determine that reasonable care has not been taken and items are not resalable if the following applies:


i)    There are significantly torn and/or damaged cartons. You should take reasonable care when opening all cartons for initial inspection.

ii)   The carton(s) have been written on.

iii)  The use of brown parcel tape.

iv)  There is excessive use of tape.

v)   The packaging that we supplied you is missing or significantly damaged.

vi)  The goods are damaged.


  • You should allow up to 30 days for the refund to be made.

  • If you are unable to follow any of the above procedures please contact us so that we can help you out.

  • If any items are returned as faulty and subsequently are found not to be, no refund will be made.

  • If using second-hand boxes, ensure they are up to the job.

  • Do not just throw items into the box, make sure they are sufficiently protected.

  • Make sure returns note is stuck on securely and is readable.